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Crucial to the success of Loewe is the combination of high-tech design, quality and ease of use. Loewe products are characterised by clean, precise and elegant designs that retain their quality of finish throughout their lifetime, and which have already won more than 200 international design awards. Loewe televisions have been made in Germany since 1923.

Ultra High Definition.

For the sharpest picture.

We inspire our customers with products with timeless aesthetic appeal and unique individuality, meaningful technology and easy operation.

Loewe Bild.1

Series 55″ LED TV

Thanks to its extremely slim and light appearance, the new Loewe bild 1 series fits perfectly into any living environment. Loewe has integrated its sound system into a simple, frameless design.

Loewe Bild.5

Series 65″ OLED TV

The Loewe bild 5 oled is modular, creative and fun. A selection of individually configurable elements in different colours and materials allows you to mix and match to create your very own dream TV.

Loewe Bild.7

Series 77″ OLED TV

Latest OLED-Technology and picture editing with deepest black by software. So that colours shine like never before.